Have you thought about the insurance your small business might need? Whether it’s a one-person outfit you run out of your home or a family corporation with dozens of employees, you need to protect yourself and your company. Review the following list to see what might apply to you. General liability insurance — Even for.. read more →

A deferred annuity is a contract between you and a life insurance company. Funds are exchanged for a promise to provide a competitive rate of interest with a minimum interest rate guarantee while guaranteeing the principal investment as well. The benefit payments don’t start until perhaps 10 or 20 years down the road. The longer.. read more →

When you are an employee, your employer withholds taxes from every paycheck and sends the money to the IRS. But when self-employed or earning income other than a salary, you need to pay estimated taxes each quarter. What kind of income might be subject to quarterly payments? Take the following, for example: Interest income. Dividends… read more →

All mergers are different, and at times the end goal of setting up a new company that results from the merger is front and center in one’s mind. Joy and pure excitement come at closing the deal, but if this is a family business, a mixed bag of emotions follows fast. You may have grown.. read more →

Cost segregation is the Internal Revenue Service’s approved method of reclassifying your commercial building from real property to personal property and, in the process, allowing assets to be depreciated on a 5-, 7- or 15-year schedule, instead of the traditional 27.5- or 39-year depreciation schedule of real property. Imagine how this could affect your business… read more →

14 Mar 2018
March 14, 2018

How Do You Handle Multistate Taxes?

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If your business is headquartered in one state, but you sell your products across the border, do you have to pay taxes in the recipients’ state? This answer depends largely on whether you have what is referred to as a “nexus,” meaning an establishment in the recipients’ state. So what is a nexus and what.. read more →

Ever wonder how a financial planner is different from a stockbroker? Stockbrokers are also seen as market mavens who trade stocks. Planners aren’t accountants, either (although some accountants do work as financial planners) — they aren’t called upon just to lower your tax bill and they aren’t insurance agents who try to sell you complicated.. read more →

To collect unpaid taxes, the IRS is turning to private companies. The growing backlog of debt is proving too much for the agency, which announced this past April that it’s turning to four debt collection companies to round up outstanding payments from taxpayers who’ve been contacted numerous times and still haven’t coughed up any cash… read more →

07 Mar 2018
March 7, 2018

Tax Re-Forum

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Thank you to those who attended our recent Tax Re-Forum, a forum aimed to help clarify and simplify the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  If you wanted to attend, but couldn’t, we are happy to provide you with our slides from the presentation.  Even better, if you would like us to come and present to.. read more →

On Friday, January 19, 2018, DHL&S presented a $5,200 check to the Circle of Care Foundation based out of Wilton, Connecticut. This foundation provides support for children with cancer and their families.  Thanks to our Jeans for Charity Program, employees have an option to make a small donation in exchange for wearing jeans on Fridays… read more →